As a full-service advertising and marketing agency built to help fresh food brands thrive, Envoy Fresh begins every client relationship with a comprehensive, three-phase plan called the Fresh Take Discovery Session. This session helps build a strong research foundation for Envoy Fresh to strategically aid businesses in gaining optimal results and maximizing their potential.

Throughout the Fresh Take Discovery Session, our team analyzes existing brand impressions and identifies strategies to reach more shoppers and drive more purchases. We recognize that every brand is different, with unique history, values, goals and food products or commodities. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our Fresh Take Discovery Session is fully tailored for the best fit.

Our first step before the session is to meet with you and listen intently to your needs and pain points. Next, we outline your overall strategic goals for your communication efforts, company, and brand. Then, we create a proposal that charts each phase with our suggested courses of action.

Once we come on board, we enter Phase I of the Fresh Take Discovery Session. First, we dive deep into answering key questions about your brand, such as how customers perceive your company and products, and how you compare to competitors. During this phase, we conduct interviews and analyze as much data and information as possible to gain perspective from all angles.

In Phase II, we examine your brand and determine why customers should choose your products over the competition. We also establish where the customers and consumers you want to reach can be found and how to deliver the right message to impact sales. We take our data and analysis from Phases I and II and ensure they are fully aligned.

Finally, in Phase III, we establish brand marketing objectives and create a prioritized goals plan. We work with you to set a budget and develop a tailored strategy based on our insights from Phases I and II.

Time and time again, our Fresh Take Discovery Session proves to be a comprehensive process that can help businesses uncover fresh ideas and remedy issues they may have yet to realize were issues. And by researching and surveying consumers and stakeholders, we gain powerful insights that enable us to develop innovative strategies to meet goals.

We have won several awards for our creative and integrated campaign work in the fresh foods industry; however, our most rewarding successes come from seeing our clients succeed and exceed their goals.

Tapping into our team of seasoned experts to see what we can do for your brand is just an email away. Contact us today to set up a meeting and learn more or start the Fresh Take Discover Session with Envoy Fresh.

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