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The food brand market is highly competitive, and consumers have countless choices. As a result, food brands work diligently to differentiate themselves from competitors and steadily grow brand and customer loyalty.

The yogurt aisle at the grocery store is a perfect example of a sea of colorful packages that promise the same benefits, which is where marketing plays an essential role. An effective marketing strategy captures consumers’ attention before they’re even at the store and creates a domino effect. For example, an ad they see on their favorite blogger’s site might send them to search for a particular product, increasing the chances of purchasing it. Or perhaps a family member saw the product on social media, bought it at the store, and then recommended it to them.

Integrated marketing tactics ideated by strategic partners like Envoy Fresh can help companies cut through the clutter and gain new ground with a fresh approach. Envoy Fresh aids food brands in establishing a unique identity and voice to help position them as the best solution for a particular need or problem—based on a solid foundation of food industry experience, research, and analysis.

Today’s fully integrated marketing campaigns for food and beverages encompass much more than creating ads or promotional materials. It can involve numerous tactics, including social media, websites, email strategies, and consumer engagement.

In digital spaces like email and social media, audiences get to know the brand’s voice and personality. It is a stage where brands can share their stories and values to grow a community of followers. This can increase brand loyalty and lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. According to Nielsen’s trust in ad survey, 88% of respondents trust recommendations from people they know more than any other marketing channel.

It all sounds great, but the reality is that internal marketing departments sometimes need more resources than they have available to delve into more integrated marketing. At Envoy Fresh, we regularly work as a trusted partner and an extension of the team, working within budget parameters to help expand or establish internal marketing bandwidth.

Envoy Fresh has worked alongside food brands to achieve results for more than half a century. Our numerous case studies showcase our success with integrated marketing strategies. One recent example is the 2022 talent recruitment efforts for Hiland Dairy, a Midwest company providing high-quality dairy products and beverages throughout the region. Envoy Fresh assisted Hiland in creating a refreshed marketing strategy to stand out amid a nationwide workforce shortage and recruit talent. The integrated marketing campaign resulted in millions of eyes on the company’s culture, benefits, and opportunities, and more than two-thirds of open positions were filled.

With a more robust, fresh marketing approach, food brands leave no stone unturned to build consumer loyalty, stay relevant, provide value to their consumers’ lifestyles, and ultimately drive sales. Are you ready for a fresh take? Contact us today to set up a meeting and learn more.

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